Half the House – Hanna-Katrina Jędrosz

Half The House ©Hanna Katrina

This project began as a response to an invitation to respond photographically to the city of Athens.     As an outsider that had never before visited Greece, I began reading different source material – from travel guides to poetry, to news stories, and fiction. I ultimately wanted to explore the…

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Girls On Tour


Well it’s been an eventful summer already so we thought we’d put together a little photo-diary of the events and festivals we’ve been involved with so far this season and update you on all the goings on. From London to Cork, Cambridge to Outer-space …well sort of. Anyway, I’m sure you’ll…

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The Good & The Not So Good… – Elanor Marielle

Elanor Marielle Instagram feed #1

Current winner of The OGC Mentorship Elanor Marielle, opens up about her work and invites us all in for a catch-up …  Hi OGC! I have quite a few updates since the last time I wrote a blog post! I’ll start with the good! – First of all I was long listed…

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Idol Insight: Bettina Rheims – Courtney Husselmann

© Bettina Rheims

Recent Close Up IV speaker Courtney Husselmann gets her hands on the Bettina Rheims most recent book ‘Unclassifiable’ and shares her opinion on an industry icon…   Bettina Rheims is a “photographer of the skin”. From the very first photographs of young Kate Moss, to a comprehensive reflection of modern-day Shanghai,…

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