Cork Photo Festival 2018

The OGC is excited to announce that Director Kate O’Neill, has been invited as Guest Curator for Cork Photo Festival 2018.

Cork Photo Festival began in 2014 as an artist led initiative, highlighting local photographers in venues across Cork City. The open theme and inclusive approach adopted in the first year continues, allowing everyone to take part and embracing experimentation and encouraging viewers to seek out and explore. The Cork Photo team curates exhibitions by both local and international artists, bringing together independent galleries, arts organisations, individuals and collectives all wishing to exhibit and celebrate photography.

Past artists and participants have included Alexandra Lethbridge , Amelia Shepherd and Monica Alcazar-Duarte.



For The 2018 festival O’Neill has curated a collection of works by past and present OGC members titled Elastic. The collective exhibition showcases work by photographers acknowledging mental health within practice or process.

‘Elastic’ considers the concept that our minds are a malleable but resilient structure continually flexing to accommodate our highs and lows. Many artists (consciously or not) tend to harness and explore this flexibility to create their bodies of work. Read more on the theme here.



The seven artists participating under this ‘invisible theme’ will show existing or unseen photography along with a body of text revealing how ‘Elastic’ as a concept applies to them and this particular work.

 The work will predominately be shown on Vinyl Phototex medium, as the soft and malleable material emulates the ‘Elastic’ theme quite subtly and will be showcased in the iconic St.Peters church in the heart Cork City.


As a tribute to the Centenary of The Women’s Vote, we will also be installing a ballot box in the space for all citizens to place votes. The topic will be related to the exhibition theme and will ask participants to vote on options to support those living with mental health issues in Cork. We aim to turn the vote results over to a nominated mental health organisation for their research.


Over the coming weeks we’ll be announcing our program of events including talks on ART + ANXIETY as well as private view and guided tours of work on show, so stay tuned to our site and social media channels for updates.

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