The OGC in conversation with Ellie English

Join us next month as we present a live interview with photographic artist Ellie English at her first solo show – DRIFT.

The OGC Director Kate O’Neill will host live Q+A with Ellie on Saturday 9th September at Doomed Gallery to discuss her process, practise and ongoing projects.


© Ellie English, Artist Statement.


With a predominant interest in sexuality and how individuals come together to connect, Ellie English’s first solo exhibition at Doomed Gallery explores what value we place on intimate interactions. Through the practice of photography, English’s work acts as a means of building bridges and creating a space in which important questions are raised & conversation is provoked. 

“Not wanting to give too much away, I’ll keep it brief; the work being shown is speaking of non monogamy, the drifting from lover to lover as well as the still and in-between moments that come with that. My intentions aren’t to push at the adoption of such a way of life, but to show a perspective. An alternative perspective on love, connection, sex and relationships.

I’ll also be showing a large number of instaxs, which has been my sole method of photographing for the last 2 and a half years, it will be interesting to exhibit my work in such a way that also speaks directly of my photographic process. I’ve built up a pretty good relationship with Doomed Gallery over the last year, so its great to finally have a show there, and the space works really well with my work.” – Ellie English, recent Metro Imaging interview.


To join us at Doomed Gallery on Saturday 9th September and be part of our guest audience for Q+A with Ellie just RSVP HERE!


5pm, 9th Sept @ Doomed Gallery

You can read more on Ellie’s work in her contributing story for The OGC – ‘Writing About My Own Work’ or just check out her website.