Revolv: Homeland

Revolv Collective presents Homeland – a publication developed through a workshop, investigating notions of the home using written and photographic practices, taking place on Saturday 20th July at Take Courage Gallery in New Cross, London.

The publication encapsulates a collection of experiences in relation to a personal and collective connotation of a ‘’homeland’’. By formulating personal, political and historical narratives the artists reflect on the roots and routes which shape both individuals and nations. When the home is ruptured, existing in a distant time or simply remoulded, one not only begins to seek for a manufactured substitute, but also for hints of it everywhere else. Using vernacular and archival materials reveal the constructed nature of collective memory, whilst photography plays a central role in reinforcing a form of Belonging. The physical impact on the land by the ancestors forms a wider history of mark-making and orientation to a landscape, preserved through lived and imaginary narratives

Featured artists include: Mark Adams, Laura Bivolaru, Macarena Costan, Anne Erhard, Samuel W.J. Fordham, Elena Helfrecht, Nadine Hess, Hayleigh Longman, Greta Lorimer, Gemma Mughini, Giulia Parlato, James Parkin, Joshua Phillips, Loreal Prystaj, Ëpha J. Roe, Ioanna Sakellaraki, Martin Seeds, Dafna Talmor, Cameron Williamson and Lorraine Wood.

IMG © Macarena Constan & Elena Helfrecht

Launch: Saturday 20th July, 6.00 pm – 10.00 pm

Discussion: ‘Fabricated Homelands’, Dafna Talmor and Martin Seeds – 8pm. Book a free ticket here.

Venue: Take Courage Gallery, 388 New Cross Rd, New Cross, London SE14 6TY

Revolv Collective was founded in 2017 by the visual artists Krasimira Butseva, Lina Ivanova, and joined later by Ibrahim Azab and Lucas Gabellini-Fava. Based around the notion of collaborative practice, Revolv provides emerging photographers with opportunities and a platform for exposure through events, exhibitions and open calls.

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