Uncertain States – Elena Cremona

We welcome Environmental Landscape Photographer, Elena Cremona, back to our journal and hear about her new exhibition ‘Uncertain States’ which opened this week at The Jam Factory, Oxford…


I photograph to pour meaning into who I am.


Uncertain States ©Elena Cremona


If I don’t photograph, I feel as though I am fading away. I photograph to understand better, to grow, to connect, to admire and show gratitude to the Earth that birthed me.

Each photograph of mine is as unique as the memory that inspired it.


Contemplation of a true landscape 02  ©Elena Cremona

Contemplation of a truelandscape 01 © Elena Cremona

















To me, photography makes conscious and redraws invisibles lines. In doing so, it reminds me that though my life moves forward and leaves behind past memories, it is I who creates new memories through the uncertain states and vulnerabilities of life.



I kiss the Earth that birthed me 02 ©Elena Cremona

Self-Portrait with my Mother ©Elena Cremona

I kiss the Earth that birthed me 01 ©Elena Cremona















I find it hard to understand life and society, to make sense of all the different aspects that we are born into – a system driven by power, money and exploitation, where greed seems to be put above the wellbeing of our planet.

Society is ignorance but Nature is bliss.



Red Rock of Zion Canyon ©Elena Cremona


It is important to me to use my photographic work as a tool to awaken consciousness and create a sense of awareness and respect for our irreplaceable landscapes; to not only challenge the mind set of society, but to evoke an emotional and tactile connection between ourselves and Nature.


The last of your kind, 2017. Uncertain States ©Elena Cremona


‘Uncertain States’ is a reminder of our fragility on Earth, a homage to my Mother (Earth) and hopefully an appreciation to the core elements that make up the planet we inhabit.


‘Uncertain States’ by Elena Cremona at Jam Factory, Oxford


Elena Cremona is Founder and Creative Director of The Earth Issue , her solo show ‘Uncertain States’ runs form 14th November 2017 until  8th January 2018 at The Jam Factory, Hollybush Row, Oxford, OX1 1HU.

For more of Elenas’ work and projects see her website or follow her on Instagram!